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SUGANI UMOYO Health service strives for the best quality of life associated with lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and optimizing the biochemistry of your body through;  Stress Release, Life Health Coach and the Vitality Factory.


How to get rid of stored muscle tension/ body stress?

Achieving and maintaining optimal health through the right the diet, exercise and lifestyle interventions.

The use of ancestral challenges as a vaccine against the damaging effects of modern life. 

Stress release

As a human species, we are neurologically, biologically, and physiologically equipped to experience, tolerate, survive, and even evaluate stressful and traumatic events. We are genetically coded to release and restore muscle tension patterns in our body. In this natural recovery process, we liberate ourselves from an experience that would hinder or disrupt the natural development process of the human body.


Traumatic and stressful experiences cause powerful and deep muscle contractions. This has an important function. During a traumatic or stressful period, this protects the body against damage. “When normal stresses and strains reach the point of overload, tension may become locked into the body’s physical structures. Over time this accumulative progression of body stress exerts pressure on the spinal nerves and may result in pain, numbness, muscle weakness, stiffness, distorted posture and impaired functioning.”


When the body fails to adapt effectively to stressful circumstances stress overload is reached and the muscles may involuntarily clench in protective action.  This muscular response is usually the body’s attempt to reduce mobility or limit movement of an affected joint, tendon or tissue.

Life Health Therapy

Your health consists of seven pillars: nutrition, exercise, sleep, meaning, living environment, relaxation and behavior. These seven should be in balance with each other for optimal health.

How do you keep these pillars in balance? What does your body need to really function properly? 


Vitality Factory

Become HUMAN again with Vitality Factory

Our distant ancestors did not grow old on average. The most common causes of death were infection, hunger, thirst, cold, heat, exhaustion and violence. During such stressful circumstances, the body goes into a protection mode in order to survive. It adapts to the situation.

In today’s society we no longer have to adapt. Fortunately, we eliminated all of these causes of death. However, we have turned to the other side. We no longer have to move to find food, there is plenty of food and drink, we have clothes, central heating and air conditioning. Antibiotics and hygiene have greatly reduced the bacterial risk. The consequence of this is that we no longer activate our protection mechanisms and this leads to disease. Our modern life is now causing chronic diseases.


Research shows that by adding old known primal stressors we can stimulate our health. How can you become and stay healthy in this modern life to  ad old primal stressors in your life style. But how do we do that?