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Himoonga Maleya

Director / owner

Entrepreneur in health business,

qualified safari guide and farmer


Laura Sinnema Maleya


Life Science Coach specialised in: 

Body Stress Release Massage, Tension Release Exercises, Orthomelucar Therapy, CPNI Therapy and Intermittent Living Coaching 

In love with.... Zambia

HIMOONGA: “In 2018 my life took an unexpected turn. I fell in love with the most honest, loving therapist from the Netherlands and I am proud to say that she is my wife. Beside my love for the Zambian bush she introduced me to complementary healthcare. She made me realize the importance of introducing this type of healthcare and wellness in Zambia. In 2020 I started Sungani Umoy”.

LAURA: “In 2018 my life took an unexpected turn. I fell in love with the funniest and most gentle safari guide in Zambia. We got married an here I am, settling down in Zambia to continue my beautiful work as a therapist”

THE THERAPIST - Laura Sinnema

Laura Sinnema has been running her own practice in the Netherlands since 2010. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the higher hotel school and then worked for 10 years as a sales manager in large insurance companies in the healthcare and occupational health services divisions. In addition to this career, she is very fond of traveling especially with her own car.  The continent of Africa in particular has stolen her heart. In 2007 she drove from the Netherlands to Cape Town and visited in total 20 African countries. She kept traveling through Africa for years and in between she also  lived, worked and studied in Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia. In 2010 she decided to change course. Her own quest in complementary health care during her childhood and the health problems of a dear friend brought her into contact with many different forms of natural medicine.  In 2010 she completed the Body Stress Release training at the BSR Academy in South Africa and started her own Natural Health Practice.

Laura: ”The last 10 year my curiosity about the functioning of the human body made me decide to educate  myself even further into the natural health/ medicine:  Complementary Therapy, Life Science Coach, Orthomolecular medicine, CPNI  (clinical, psycho, neurological, immunology)  herapy, Intermittent Living coach and TRE- Trauma Prevention. All this knowledge combined gives me a better understanding of how blockages, resulting in complaints, can arise in a body. In my practice I try to share my insights, knowledge and own experience in order to treat, help and inspire my clients in such a way that they too find their way in their search for recovery and  balance.



Owner and practioner at 

2010 – now         BSR Kennermerland / www.bsrkennemerland.nl

2011 – now         TRE- Haarlem / www.tre-haarlem.nl

2019 – now         OerVitaliteit / www.oervitaliteit.nl

2020                    TRE practitioner at  GGZ de Biesbosch               



2010 Body Stress Release (BSR) Practitioner Training, including Basic Medical Knowledge.

2011 Complementary Therapist Training

2011 TRE Practitioner Training, Level 1

2012 Training Basic Medical Knowledge (HBO)

2012 TRE Practitioner Training, Level 2

2013/2014 Orthomolecular Therapist Training

2013/2014 Life Science Coach 

– 2014 Supplementary module COPD cooking, nutrients/food as medicine

2014 Register training Medical Basic subjects SHO, according to Plato attainment targets

– 2014 TRE practitioner, supplement Level 2

– 2015 Origin Trip, 8-day research into life as prehistoric humans in the Pyrenees

– 2015 Additional modules (5) for specific product line cPNI

– 2015 Additional module “free from pain”

2015 Clinical PNI (psycho, neuro, immunology) – therapist year 1

2016 Clinical PNI (psycho, neuro, immunology) – therapist year 2

– 2016 Supplementary Module”Invisible Inflammation, The True Approach to Fibromyalgia”

– 2016 Webinar ADHD and Vaginal Balance

– 2016 Additional training Sport & PNI

– 2016 Seminar “Metabolic Syndrome”, when adipose tissue begins to dominate”

– 2017 Training blood value testing2

– 2017 Masterclass Sex Hormones

– 2017 PNI . further training

– 2018 training Access Bars

– 2018 Hair Minerals Test Course

– 2018 Masterclass Neurotransmitters

– 2018 Masterclass Lyme

– 2018 Masterclass Nutrigenomics

2018 Clinical PNI (psycho, neuro, immunology) – therapist year 3

– 2019 Masterclass Hormonal Disorders and Menopause

– 2019 Symposium: optimal energy distribution “from cell to body system”

– 2019 The optimal functioning of the mitochondria

2019 Intermittent living Coach – The use of ancestral challenges as a vaccin against the damaging effects of modern live 7 dgn in Spain

-2020 Further training in endocrinology

-2020 Webinar D3 and K2 and Corona latest scientific insights

-2020 Webinar The wonderful world of viruses

-2020 Webinar the corona era

-2020 Masterclass Which food gives us the most energy

-2021 Webinar B12 deficiency causes, symptoms and solutions

-2021 Masterclass Organic Acid Test

-2021 Masterclass One Carbon Metabolism, switch on methylation, metabolism and detoxificati