These days people, without being aware of it, are being exposed to a lot of hormonal disrupting substances in cosmetics like shampoo, soap, make -up, sunscreen, day and night creams and deodorant. These hormonal substances create imbalanced in our hormones, which can be the cause of a lot of health problems. 


The last 15 years a  lot of new supplements have been introduced. They claim all sorts of health benefits. The latest research shows that our food does not have its nutricial value anymore, one of the reasons is depletion of soil. The consequensi is that we slowly beginning to experience lack of nutrician. Unfortanely western food, the western way of living (sedentary life style) and more and more exposure to toxins contributes to the lack of nutricians, which makes us vunerable for illnesses.


It looks like that we indeed are in need of extra supplements to create a balance in body available nutriciens.


But the question remains: what is a good and therapeutic supplement and what are clean products without any hormon disturbing substances? 



I want to educate clients about the impact of products which contain a lot of hormonal disrupting substances. As a therapist I am searching for natural products for years now. My goal is to introduce people to healthy product without any hormonal disturbing substances.

Within the Ohm coIlection I found a product line that I was looking for:

  • No hormonal disrupting substances
  • Ingredients come from small farmers and distillers that are committed to social and sustainable agriculture and reforestation practices.
  • Free from GMO ingredients, rice, rice-fibre, lactose, sugar, yeast, conservators, artificial dyes, fragrance or flavours and they are suitable for vegetarians. Kosher. Vegan.
The following products are being introduces in Zambia:
  • Deodorant
  • Sun lotion

You can find these products at the shops at Prime Joint and Greens and Grains.



You can also collect from 2 points on appointment at: Rhodes Parks and Leopard’s Hill.


All body cells need nutriciets to function optimally. After 10 years of reseach and working with a lot of different supplements we decides that Beyuna was meeting our quality demands. 


Beyuna is leading when it comes to the composition of healthy products. Just like healthy food, the food supplements of Beyuna supports your healthy, personal lifestyle from ‘Inside Out’.


Beyuna is one the few clean labels. Unintelligible jargon and certain artificial ingredients are banned from the list of ingredients identified as Clean Label. Their focus is that every consumer should be able to understand the specified ingredients.


The term “Clean Label” is becoming an increasingly important phenomenon in the food industry. The call to dispose additives like artificial flavor enhancers, preservatives and dyes from nutritional products has become stronger over the years. Unfortunately,  large retail chains are still using these unnecessary additives as well as modified starches and thickeners.


“Clean Label” stands for natural ingredients with no artificial



We believe health does not only work from inside to outside, but also from outside to inside. Not only food has an impact on our health, but also care products, make-up and nail polishes.

That is why we offer human- and environmentally friendly nail care products from Zoya.


Zoya nail polishes:  Free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and Camphor. Therefore, you can fully enjoy the new fashionable colours without risking your health. From this, you can also recognize our view on a healthy lifestyle.


Zoya Lipstick: classic lipstick cream formula to allow lips to stay moist for hours without the mess. The medium wear formula is specifically designed to last 4 to 6 hours without cracking or drying. All this in a light weight yet well pigmented unflavored formula that you’re going to love. Zoya lipstick is free of lead and microbeats (microplastics).


Online ordering into Zambia is most of the times very expensive. The most easy and cheapast option is to order via Ishop.  Beyuna/ Zoya is active around the world and has distribution centres in England and America. Online ordering from England and America to Zambia is possible.  The fast and cheapest way is through Ishop

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