Vitality Factory

The use of ancestral challenges as a vaccine against the damaging effects of modern life.


Evolutionarily speaking, human beings have not got over their genetics of the hunters collectors; that is to say that we are naturally programmed to carry out surviving activities in an environment full of challenges and setbacks which encourage us to move in an intelligent way, to be creative and flexible thus  achieving the development both of our physical strength and our intellect.

In our current modern life we have got rid of the challenges that took our ancestors to develop al their surviving potential to maximize their resistance. As a consequence  of this , nowadays we find ourselves in an environment which is adapted to our wishes and not to our needs. This way our muscles, have become atrophied, our neurons have diminished and our immune system had turned against us. To survive in our current world it is not necessary to do physical exercise, let alone think much, our day –to- day is quite controlled without variations which mean greater challenges. This makes us weak and vonerable to chronical illness.


So what can we do to maximize our resistance and health? Join the Vitality Factory and find out!

What is vitality factory

The aim of Vitality Factory is to reactivate the power of survival which we still carry in our genes to improve health.  We do this by organizing a 5 days Anchesterol Health week.


Science has shown that the characteristics of our currently lifestyle favour a mild but constant activation of our immune system  producing what is known as low grade inflammation. Working under pressure, breathing in a polluted environment the improper use of medicines, a terrible diet a sedentarism have permanently activated our regulatory systems which are necessary to keep the balance of our organism (homeostasis).

As a consequence we can observe an increase in disorders such as: insulin resistance, leptin resistance, cortisol release, neurotransmitters activations, etc which are responsible for diverse pathologies such as type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue , chronic pain, respiratory, diseases, gastrointestinal disorder, gynaecological disorders, neurodegenerative  diseases and depression among others………..

In light of the current situation, the most essential will be to recover an environment which encourages us to adept ourselves, to introduce the factors that evolutionary improved our intelligence and health. It is important to remember the lack of an environment that puts pressure on us in an intellectual and physical  way, which is responsible for our current fragility; together with the drowsiness of our intelligence.


VITALITY FACTORY– is about experience and understand and how to apply an achesterol way of living: this way we will be fit in modern  life.


During this Anchesterol Health week you live 5 days according to the Vitality Factory program. A program based on scientific research. During this week we are using intermitting strategies: live cold, hot, competition, physical exercises, hypoxia, sleep timetables, deprivation, of light and hypercapnia among others in order to recover the hormonal curves amplitude, improve physical endurance, regulate genetic behaviour, do something totally different  which allows us to have a lot of different ideas to incorporate in our day-to-day lives and in this way look after or recover our physical and mental health.


Before joing this week there will be an intake. The day before the start of the week there will be a blood donation.  During the anchesterol week there will be several additional health test done by the Vitality Factory team. After the last day when people are home, we want to ask them to donate blood again.  The bloodresults and other additional health test will give us and the participants a clear view on the healths benifits of this week supported by regular medical test.  

Vitality factory effective with;


We already have organized these very succesful  anchesterol weeks in The Netherlands through our company We are in the process of looking for accomodation in Zambia to organize these weeks, probably june, juli, august 2021.


We are organizing this week together with my Dutch colleageu, dr. Mathilde Kuijpers (medical docter in integrated medicine)



If you are interested and want to receive more information or if you want to join. Please contact us:



CALL: 096 3960537